2020 Summer School

CNSTN, Sidi Thabet Biotechpôle, Tunisia

The QPCR applications for insect pests control Summer School 2020 is a two days programme for outstanding and enthusiastic PhD students, as well as young post-docs, who have a question involving QPCR analyses in their project and want to acquire excellent training in this field. The summer school is supported by INOMED.

This training is a comprehensive overview of a key technique in molecular biology which is the QPCR and its applications for the control of insect pests. The training covers the technique of DNA extraction from insects; gel electrophoresis, to analyze the DNA profile; amplification of specific fragments of DNA using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique; performance of  QPCR assay for absolute and relative quantification and visualization ofobtained data obtained. School consists of lectures and practical exercises in laboratories.

The Summer School will bring together 10 participants from different institutions and offer them the chance to receive scientific training in an informal atmosphere, facilitating exchanges.

Summer school dates: 7& 8 july 2020.

Deadline: 30 june 2020.

How to apply? Send  an email to mariem.msaad@cnstn.rnrt.tn