During the first weeks of September, the storm ‘Daniel’ swept through most of Greece causing heavy rainfall and severe flooding, affecting mostly central Greece and the area of Thessaly.

By closely monitoring the situation and respecting the affected local communities as well as the disruption of national roads and rail networks, due to the flooding, the MIKROBIOKOSMOS organising committee has announced that the 10th International Conference of Mikrobiokosmos will be rescheduled due to the current circumstances, and will take place from 30 November to 2 December 2023 at Divani Palace Larissa Hotel.

You can read the conference’s announcement here.

Additionally, our project coordinating partner, the University of Thessaly, was severely affected by the flooding that caused disruptions to the university’s facilities and IT services. After monitoring these circumstances and bearing in mind the conference’s announcement, the INTOMED consortium has decided to postpone its presence at the conference to November 2023. Moreover, the INTOMED consortium has agreed to postpone the industry event named ‘From lab to field: Innovative tools in modern agricultural production’ happening on Wednesday 20 September, since it targets the agricultural community of Thessaly which was severely affected by the storm.

We stand with the affected communities in Thessaly.  

You can read the statement of the University of Thessaly by clicking here.