Symposium 3

INTOMED Symposium 3

Gender impact on acceptance and adoption of agricultural innovation


May 30, 2023

10:00‐12:30 CET



INTOMED studies novel, environmentally friendly, sustainable crop protection tools against key pathogens and arthropod pests. Nevertheless, the employment of innovative tools in agriculture may not be directly acceptable by consumers and farmers, and even raise concerns.  Addressed less often but supported by significant evidence is the fact that gender is a key factor in risk perception. INTOMED aims to increase public awareness around novel pest control tools but also perform socio-economic analyses to explore related impacts on the potent acceptance of end-users such as consumers, farmers and agronomists.

In this context, this INTOMED Symposium on ‘Gender Impact on acceptance and adoption of agricultural innovation’ gathers experts in the field of socioeconomics to inform about developments in the field, also to highlight current gaps and future challenges.


You can download the full program here.


The Symposium will be conducted in English and there is free registration.

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Organisation : Democritus University of Thrace